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Best Laminate Floor Cleaner Machine

Laminated floors are exciting additions to the decoration of the home and office. Not only are laminate floors versatile but they also bring a certain elegance to the interior of any place. As a result, laminate flooring continues to see increasing use across many homes/offices.

However, note that laminate flooring needs diligent care and attention. Cleaning laminate floors involves a meticulous removal of dirt, without causing any damage to the laminate layers of the floor.

The best practices encompass sweeping, to remove dirt and dust, while mopping ensures a deeper cleaning of the floor.

Many people also resort to the use of laminate floor cleaning machines. These machines employ a mix of cleaning methods, including sweeping and mopping. These laminate cleaning machines administer these processes in the right proportions and at the appropriate time, to leave your floors clean and maintained.

Essentials for selecting the best laminate floor cleaner machine

 To select the best laminate floor cleaner machine in the market, you must take the following points to consideration:

Easy To Clean & Disassemble: When making your choice of laminate floor cleaner machine, you need to ensure that you go for a machine that is easy to disassemble and clean. This will help you keep the machine in perfect working condition for a longer period.

Abrasive Cleaner Head: You should ensure that the selected laminate floor cleaner does not come with an abrasive cleaner head. The abrasive heads will do more harm than good to your laminate floors.

Weight: Cleaning your laminate floors should be easy and enjoyable. You should go for best laminate floor cleaners that are lightweight, so that they glide over the floor, when cleaning.

Pricing: Ensure that the best laminate floor cleaner machine you select comes with parts and extra supplies, at the bargained price. Be on the look-out for after sales service and support from manufacturers.


5 Best Laminate Floor Cleaner Machine


If you are seeking functionality with affordability, then the Shark steam cleaner is your best bet.

For starters, consider that the Shark steam is among the more intelligent laminate floor cleaners in the market today. The manufacturer makes life easy for the user; all you need to do is to pump the handle of the machine 5 to 10 times.This action generates the right amount of steam, that cleans your laminate floor adequately.

The Shark steam is light and portable.It also features an extendable power chord that reaches 25 foot in length.This length of chord allows the users cover large areas of the laminate floor without any fuss. The handle of the Shark steam laminate floor cleaner machine is soft to the touch; therefore the user can work for extended periods without becoming fatigued.

Two washable microfiber cleaning heads, ensure that each cleaning exercise locks in dirt and dust with efficiency.

In addition to the above, the shark steam pocket mop comes with other impressive qualities. The most notable is that this best laminate floor cleaner machine achieves a 99.9% sanitization levels in eradicating germs, bacteria and other vermin.



The Bissell Powerfresh steam mop is another stellar entrant in the best laminate floor cleaner machine category.

The Bisell Powerfresh comes in an ergonomic design. The constituent parts are sturdy and wrap around the hands of the user. This setup ensures that the user can work for long hours without feeling the strain from use. This best laminate floor cleaner machine also spots a  23-foot long power cord. Therefore, one can reach far ends of the home or office with ease, during cleaning.

The Bisell performs a great job of keeping your laminate floor clean with a mixture of proprietary items.These include 1 microfiber pad for soft mopping and 1 scrubby pad to get rid of tough stains and markings.The user also gets 2 fragrance discs to leave the floor and environment smelling better.

Other note-worthy features include a performance rating of 99 percent germ/bacteria removal, using the natural power of steam. This number means that your Bissell ensures that you  and your laminate floor remain strong and healthy.

Afraid that your electricity costs will stack up using the Bissell? Well fear no more, as this best laminate floor cleaner comes as a power efficient unit, using 1500 watts of electricity on average.



This best laminate floor cleaner is another suitable option in keeping your laminate floor clean and protected.For starters this steam mop is lightweight and easy to assemble. This means that users will have little or no fatigue issues when handling this machine.

The Steam mop comes from superior engineering and design; it features a flexible mop head and yards of electric cable, so you can undertake your cleaning almost anywhere in the home/office.

The technology powering this machine is simple yet powerful;the user employs a manual pump that controls the release of steam for a deeper and more efficient cleaning. The flexible mop head comes from reusable, triple layered microfiber pad.

This mop head ensures that your laminate floorings enjoy exceptional absorption, steam permeation and optimum friction to remove stubborn stains without fuss.

The manufacturer of this Steam mop places great emphasis on customer satisfaction, hence this best laminate floor cleaner machine comes with a 1 year warranty.


Bissell stands tall in the category of best laminate floor cleaner machine, especially with regard to research and development. Taking the pulse of the consumer, Bissell came up with this best laminate floor cleaner machine, without any cords. This freedom ensures that users can take the Bissell to just about anywhere that requires the cleaning of a laminate floor.

The other physical features of the Bissell spinwavecordless cleaner also includes a sturdy mop head. This head grips the laminate floor firmly but gently, ensuring that the laminate layer stays protected while eliminating dirt/dust. Technological advances with the power spinallows users control the amount of solution/steam put on the floor.

With a button push, this laminate floor cleaner releases the right amount of water onto the floor surface for better cleaning.Worried about how long this Bissell will last during your cleaning rounds? 18V Lithium batteries provide up to 20 minutes of laminate floor cleaning time before you get to recharge.



The Homitt Electric spin mop also comes with the saving grace of being cordless.Therefore you can take the Homitt Electric Spin Mop Floor to where your laminate flooring needs cleaning. It is also light; the Hommitt electric spin mop weighs under 1.5 kilograms.

This fact means that users can work for long periods without getting tired/fatigued. There are other impressive physical features with using this best laminate floor cleaner machine. For starters, the Hommitt stands vertical and can be adjusted from 40 to 46.5 inches. This adjustable capability ensures that users at any height, can conveniently use the Hommitt.

The technology powering the Hommitt is a pacesetter. The mop of the Hommitt  comes with a power spin which rotates at 120 revs/min. This speed ensures the easy removal of  the most stubborn stains/marks on your laminate flooring, without causing any damage.

The Hommitt set ups to offer over 40 mins of work time, after a 3 hour charge period. Users will also find that the Hommitt has a large water capacity (300 ml). This capacity means users can clean their laminate floors on demand, with the right amount of steam.


How To Make Your Laminate Floors Last Longer

The section will dwell on what practices to avoid when cleaning your laminate floor. These practices to avoid include the following:

  1. Avoid the use of wet mops
  2. Avoid using wax or polish based cleaning agents
  3. Avoid using soap-based cleaners.
  4. Avoid using abrasive cleaners of any kind

The reason for advancing these restrictions is simple: laminate floors come with a thin cardboard like layer, that gives it its appeal and shine. Using any of the aforementioned cleaning products damages this layer and ultimately, the floor itself.

Taking out these practices, owners of laminate flooring should complement the using best laminate floor cleaners with soft bristled brooms and soft dry towels.


Cleaning your laminate floor requires care, diligence and attention.Using the right tools in carrying this task, is also important. These best laminate floor cleaner machines are picked based on criteria including affordability, functionality, simplicity of use and the durability of device among other considerations.

The user must situate his/her own peculiar cleaning needs in relation to the kind of laminate cleaner to buy. Apart from costs, users should also look at the warranties and spare parts offered by the manufacturer.

It is also important that owners of laminate flooring adhere to manufacturers’ manuals regarding cleaning and maintaining a laminate floor.

Laminate Floor Cleaning Machine in Action


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