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Tile floors are some of the most common floor types. After all, they are comparatively cheap, easy to install and would last a long time. The designs and patterns can be breathtaking with just a bit of creativity.  With the best tile floor cleaner solution, your tile floor would always look new like it was just installed.

The best tile floor cleaner liquids do more than just make your floor look clean and shiny. One downside to tile floors is they easily get scratched especially in high-traffic areas. Tile floor cleaners restore the original look of the tiles by making those scratches disappear too.

However, knowing you need the best tile floor cleaner solution and getting one are two different ball games. There are so many products with great packaging and convincing marketing pitches all vying for your attention. Many are simply not worth the hype or your money.

It could get really stressful choosing one over another. This review eliminates that stress. It is a careful selection of ten of the best tile floor cleaner solution filtered from hundreds of tile cleaners with bold claims.

Criteria Used for Evaluating the Best Tile Floor Cleaner Solution

To create this list of the best tile floor cleaner solution, dozens of products were evaluated based on variables such as how safe they are to use, their effectiveness, cost, etc. The products that made it to the final review list had to tick at least 95% of our evaluating indices.

The following were some of the important factors considered in coming up with the review list:

Safety – Because these tile cleaners would be used in places where humans, especially children, and pets live, safety concerns was a very important issue.

To pass the test, the product must not contain any harmful or toxic chemical. It must not pervade the air with noxious fumes that some people might be allergic to.

A few products that might be slightly harmful to the skin that made the list came with clear warnings and the safety precautions to be taken which included using gloves to protect the hands and safety goggles for the eyes.

Grout cleaner – In most cases, the grout enhance the beauty of tile floors. The cleaner solution, in addition to being good tile cleaner, must be effective in cleaning and restoring the grouts without damaging them.

Easy to use – There is nothing as frustrating as having to waste precious time learning how to use a product. This frustration can increase exponentially if you have to do several trial runs before getting it right.

To make the review list, the tile cleaner solution must come with simple, clear instructions on how to use it. For those requiring mixing with water, the amount and ratios of water to concentrate must be explicit and unambiguous.

Bonus points were given to products that included several mixing formulas for various levels of cleaning difficulty.

Cost – It is easy to understand that some users would rather opt for cheaper products due to budget constraints. But cheaper can sometimes be more expensive in the long run due to the ineffectual cleaning one gets.

On the other hand, some products are overpriced for the quality of the job they deliver.

The best products were able to give value and much more at their price range. Sometimes, it was a simple case of how long it would take before having to purchase a new one while giving the best cleaning results.

Top 10 Best Tile Floor Cleaner Solution: Review

#1. Hover FloorMate Grout & Tile Plus Hard Floor Cleaning Solution

The Hoover FloorMate cleaning solution is a septic-safe, non-toxic, phosphate-free, completely biodegradable cleaning solution that would leave you tiled floor positively glowing.

Also great for hard floors such as granite, marble, and stone, it efficiently deodorizes and cleans accumulated grime and stains that even grouts come out sparkling clean.

Hoover FloorMate cleaning solution is compatible with most cleaning machines and doesn’t leave any waxy buildup. And that fresh, linen scent is like a bold statement that your floor has never had it so good.

Though it can cause slight eye and skin irritation, it is completely safe for kids and pets.

Hover FloorMate Grout & Tile Plus Hard Floor Cleaning Solution

#2. StoneTech All-Purpose Stone & Tile Cleaner

StoneTech Stone & Tile Cleaner is what you need for a high-traffic area since it is likely you’d have to clean your tiled floor daily. It is a concentrate of about 3.8 liters in the gallon. It can make up to 60 gallons of cleaning solution when it is mixed with water.

Specially formulated for ceramic and porcelain tiles, it is best for everyday dirt, soils and spills found on floor tiles. Simply spray the diluted solution on the dirty tile and who clean with a dry mop, towel or lint-free cloth or sponge. There is no need to rinse the area.

The neutral pH StoneTech tile cleaner is obviously good value for money as a daily cleaner. Though it is safe to use, it is recommended that you wear protective gloves and eye shades when mixing the concentrate with water.

StoneTech All-Purpose Stone & Tile Cleaner


#3. Granite Gold Squeeze & Mop Floor Cleaner

Granite Gold floor cleaner is an all natural, non-toxic and non-acidic cleaning solution that is formulated specifically for cleaning the tiles in high-traffic areas such as kitchen, hallways, and bathrooms.

Easy to use without the need to rinse, the cleaning solution easily breaks down oils and dirt. This leaves your floor looking new again. In essence, this is a great cleaner for maintaining your floor tiles.

Granite Gold also works well on other surfaces such as granite, ceramic and other stone surfaces. You’d never have to worry about mop marks or streaks when you use this neutral pH and biodegradable cleaning formula.

Granite Gold Squeeze & Mop Floor Cleaner

#4. Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrate

The Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner is a great product that cleans all types of tile floors without leaving unsightly streak marks. And for those sensitive to perfumes or smells, Zep would be awesome as the smell is barely noticeable.

This cleaning solution is the commercial brand and would last a long time depending on your floor space. For light cleaning of your floor tiles, all you need is to dilute 1 oz in a gallon of water. Heavy cleaning would require between 3-5 oz in a gallon of water to give you a shiny, dirt and grease-free tile floor.

The manufacturer recommends you vigorously mop and rinse the floor with water after using the cleaner for best results. Your friends and family would marvel at how new your tiles look.

Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrate

#5. Method Squirt & Mop Hard Floor Cleaner

If you want an extra shine to your tile floor, you wouldn’t go wrong with Method Squirt & Mop Hard Floor Cleaner. It is a safe, biodegradable tile floor cleaning solution with a subtle lemon ginger scent.

Also suitable for hardwood and laminate floors, the floor cleaner needs no mixing. Simply squirt out a small amount onto the surface and scrub it clean with a mop.

And you don’t have to worry about streaks on your floor: it leaves none behind. Though this tough stain remover gives your tile added sheen, it is devoid of wax and it’s not slippery.

 Method Squirt & Mop Hard Floor Cleaner

#6. Black Diamond Stoneworks Marble & Tile Floor Cleaner

For a safe, gentle tile floor cleaner that leaves no streaks and smudges, Black Diamond Stoneworks Marble & Tile Floor is most users’ preferred choice.

You only need to mix between 2 and 4 oz of the concentrate to one gallon of water to get a cleaning solution that cuts through oil, grease, deep dirt, and other stains on your tile floor. The cleaning solution is gentle on grout sealers and doesn’t require rinsing after scrubbing.

Black Diamond is biodegradable, eco-friendly, safe around kids and pets and is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions in users.

Black Diamond Stoneworks Marble & Tile Floor Cleaner

#7. Grout-eez Tile and Grout Cleaner

This tile and grout cleaner from The Floor Guys is a deep cleaning, fast-acting, professional strength formula that would remove the dirt and grime on your floor tiles and grout with ease.

Used by professional cleaners for over two decades, the cleaner delivers excellent cleaning solution without damaging the quality and color of your tiles. Simply spray it on the area you want to clean, leave for about 10 minutes, then scrub it out to leave you with an almost perfect floor.

The cleaner is so strong the manufacturers recommend you use eye protection when using it. That explains why you need to spray it from a standing position: to keep your face as far away as possible for splashes.

Grout-eez Tile and Grout Cleaner

#8. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Concentrate

If you want the clean floral scent of lavender wafting around your apartment after cleaning your floor tiles, then you need this Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface cleaner.

This cleaning solution is tough on dirt and stains. Apart from tiles, you can use it on other surfaces as long as they are non-porous. As usual with all the best tile floor cleaner solution, it leaves a clean floor with no sign of streaks.

The cleaning concentrate goes a long way as you would only need about 2 oz to a gallon of water. You have to make sure you get the ratio of concentrate to water right as too much of the concentrate causes sticky floors.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Concentrate

#9. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor cleaner is one of the top-rated tile floor cleaners for its ability to do the job easily and efficiently.

It is also one of the safest floor cleaners because of its low volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions. It poses no health risks to you, your kids, pets or family and friends. This is why it’s a Greenguard Gold certified product.

The product can be used straight out of the container requiring no mixing. Simply spray it on the floor and use your favorite mop to clean. The water-based formulation dries up real fast leaving behind a residue-free sparkling tile floor.

Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner

#10. Black Diamond Ultimate Grout Cleaner

The Black Diamond Ultimate Grout Cleaner is one of the top-rated tile floor cleaning solutions if your desire is deep cleaning. Like the label says, it is specifically formulated to bring back the original color of your grout.

The 946 ml floor cleaner mercilessly attacks the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the tiles and grout. It works great without actually bleaching your grout and tile. And because it contains no acids, it won’t compromise the quality of your floor.

You can use it straight out of the container without needing to dilute it. Simply spray it and leave it for about 3 minutes and then use a brush to scrub out the dirt from the grout.

Black Diamond Ultimate Grout Cleaner

Some Tile Floor Cleaner Solution FAQs

How often should I use tile cleaners?

That depends on the level of traffic. Two types of cleaning are indicated here: deep cleaning and normal cleaning.

Deep tile cleaning should be done once every two weeks. In areas like the kitchen and hallways, normal cleaning can be done daily using some of the daily cleaners in the review.

Is steam cleaning recommended for tiles?


Steam cleaning complements the use of tile cleaner solutions perfectly. Good steam can effectively remove the sticky residue left behind by the not-so-good tile cleaners. Besides, with steam cleaners, you get to clean and disinfect the tile floor and grout without using chemicals that sometimes damage some tile floor and grout.

Why shouldn’t ceramic tile floors be waxed?

The need to have shiny tile floors is the reason some people might want to use wax on tile floors. Waxing, though, doesn’t work on ceramic tile floors because the glazed surface won’t absorb the wax.

My tile cleaner is finished, how can I get the tile floor to shine?

Some household items can be used as a temporary measure to do the job. You could simply add half a cup of vinegar and ammonia, and a quarter cup of borax to one gallon of water and stir the mixture very well.

Use the solution to mop your floor, rinse well and leave it to air-dry completely. Your tile floor would take on the desired shine.

How to Make Great Tile Floor Cleaner at Home


The secret to a perennially well-maintained and preserved tile floor is the use of the best tile floor cleaning solutions available. The reviewed products above are guaranteed to give you full value for your money when you decide to purchase and use any one of them.

However, if by a slim chance you need a product not included in this review, don’t just pick any fancy-looking product with a great price tag. The smart move is to use the selection criteria above before making a choice or you would be doing more harm than good to your tile floor.


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