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Best Vacuum Cleaner For Area Rugs

It’s not hard to see why people love area rugs on their living room or family room floors. The rugs, apart from providing soft comfort, can be stylish and decorative. They improve the overall decor of the room especially if the floor is a drab, monochrome carpet or hard floor.

And as decorative pieces, it is important that they remain beautiful, and clean all the time. This is why the smart move is to use only the best vacuum cleaner for area rugs or other recommended cleaners for the rug to retain its looks.

However, getting the best vacuum cleaner for area rugs is easier said than done considering the market is over-crowded with vacuum cleaners all jostling for our attention.

How to pick the most suitable vacuum for your area rug is what this guide is all about. This is a comprehensive guide based on days of research covering hundreds of products. Each of the 10 products reviewed here would deliver the best area rug cleaning and maintenance you ever imagined or hoped for.

Things to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner for Area Rugs

Basically, all vacuum cleaners do the same thing and operate on the same principle. But the best ones stand out from the pack due to a combination of a handful of features.

The presence of all (or at least 95%) of these features in a vacuum is what makes them the best.

These are the features to consider when on the hunt for the best vacuum cleaner for area rugs:

Versatility – It is very rare to come across an area rug placed on a bare concrete floor. Most of them are place on floorings such as hardwood or tiles.

Aside from the financial reason, it is more convenient to have a single vacuum cleaner that is able to clean area rugs and the hard floor surface.

Again, the vacuum cleaner must be able to its job on surfaces such as hardwood without scratching or damaging them. So you must consider the types of floors in your home when buying a vacuum for your area rug.

Some qualities of such versatility vacuum cleaners include

  • Multiple power/suction settings
  • Brush roller adjustment settings

Note that your area rugs require more suction power than hard floors. In some cases, with powerful suction, you don’t need the brush rollers to clean hard floors or the rugs.

Attachments for flexibility – These days, vacuum cleaners come with all sorts of attachments. With these attachments, cleaning places that are hard to reach becomes quite easy.

Besides, the attachments also add to the versatility of the vacuum as you can clean surfaces above the floor like upholstery, curtains, walls and so on. The other ways you can use a vacuum with the right attachments are limitless.

Some of the attachments to look out for include:

  • Extension wand
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice cleaner
  • Dusting brush
  • Turbo/power brush

Weight of vacuum – Heavy vacuum cleaners make cleaning a tedious chore especially if you have to carry them to a different room or to rooms upstairs.

Always go for the lightweight units. In this respect, many people are of the opinion that canister vacuums trump other vacuum types suitable for area rugs.

However, truth is, you can get upright and stick vacuums that fit the bill for good area rug cleaners while being lightweight at the same time.

Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaner For Area Rugs: Review

1. Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum

Ovente Bagless is small. The unit, though, is a multi-cyclonic vacuum (energy-efficient deep cleaning) with a very powerful, non-stop and consistent suction to reinforce the saying that looks can be deceiving.

Made from heavy-duty plastic to ensure durability, the vacuum uses the suction to pick up dirt and debris with just one pass to save time and energy. And it doesn’t matter the type of floor you are cleaning. So your area rug would get the most optimal cleaning with https vacuum.

Other premium features found on this vacuum include a translucent dirt bin designed to make it easy to get rid of accumulated dirt without hassles; a cord rewind/retract feature with just a push of a button; HEPA filtration system; and an adjustable telescopic wand making it a versatile cleaning tool.

You would also get all the important attachments needed to completely clean your floors and other surfaces.

2. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV501GN

The Shark Rotator NV501GN is a relatively very affordable vacuum boasting several impressive features specially adapted for area rug cleaning.

For instance, the brush can be shut off or turned on independently which combined with the powerful suction, makes it an ideal vacuum for soft area rugs.

It has an advanced swivel steering with the Rotator technology integrated into it. This makes cleaning of crowded spaces convenient since it can easily go under and around furniture and other obstacles on the area rug.

Other features included in the lightweight, upright vacuum include HEPA filtration with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology and easy conversion to handheld pod-like vacuum for above floor cleaning.

3. Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum

You would love this Bissell Deluxe Canister vacuum for its simple digital controls and ability to clean area rugs and hard floors with the same efficiency. All the important controls are just a fingertip away on the handle.

You could easily reduce the suction without a loss of cleaning efficiency. The unit comes with a dirt tank that is easy to empty, automatic cord rewind, and other tools/attachments to make cleaning your area rug and other surfaces fast and easy.

The vacuum weighs 9.1 lbs and since it is a canister design, you only have to works with the cleaning wand which is so light it produces no strain on the muscles no matter how long you use it.

4. Prolux Tritan Bagged Canister Vacuum

There is so much to love about this compact Prolux Tritan vacuum. It is a powerful vacuum capable of deep-cleaning all types of surfaces including area rugs, hard floors, and other surfaces.

With its 3-stage filtration system, it is able to trap and contain dust and allergens in the air making it a great vacuum for people dealing with allergies.

It comes with a bypass valve that opens up if the dirt bag or hose is clogged. This prevents the motor from burning out.

The vacuum is lightweight and is designed to be scratch-free ensuring it retains its beauty for a long time. And if you have to make the inevitable transition to hard floors for area rugs, the rubber wheels make movement easy while ensuring no marks are left on your hard floor.

5. Sebo 9807AM Felix 1 Premium

The Sebo Felix is a stylish vacuum cleaner that offers all the benefits of a canister vacuum and an upright vacuum. That implies flexibility and the ability to adapt to all floor types including your area rug.

The lightweight vacuum is designed with a ‘flex’ neck with 180° steering and a variable suction feature that lets you easily adjust the suction power depending on the floor type. To extend the life span of your motor, the motor has a gradual power-up design.

It also comes with an incorrect height setting/worn brush light indicator. The yellow indicator comes on when the bristles are worn out or when the brush is incorrectly set. The light shuts off when the problem is fixed.

Other amazing features include the manual and auto brush shut off; 31-foot cord that can be quickly released; 3-level adjustable handle and many more.

6. Eureka Mighty Mite 3684F Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner

At just 9 lbs, this purple and black vacuum cleaner from Eureka could just be the most portable canister vacuum. It is certainly one of the best vacuums you could get for your area rug.

It has a 2-setting brush roll height adjustment specifically designed for area rugs and hard floors. But with the 10 amp motor and special attachments, removing pet hair and dirt from other surfaces is quite easy.

Pet owners would love the easy-to-empty dirt bag that is capable of eliminating pet odors and easily captures and traps pet dander that can lead to allergy attacks.

Other awesome features include the blower port to blow debris from any part of the home, a 10-inch cleaning path, a 20-foot cord t, telescopic wand, and crevice tool.

7. Atrix AHC-1 Turbo Canister Vacuum

With 6 quart HEPA bag filter, 3-stage filtration, HEPA exhaust motor filter, the Atrix AHC-1 vacuum is certainly perfect for area rugs in your home or office.

This lightweight vacuum has a 1400 watt motor to provide more than sufficient power to the suction system. Together with the 3-variable speed suction, you can choose the optimal suction for any cleaning chore.

Users love the telescopic metal wand with its 17 height adjustment settings. No matter how tall or short you are, cleaning hard to reach places would not be a problem.

Included in the package to aid thorough cleaning are important attachments such as a 6-foot hose, 22-36′ telescopic extension, floor tool, air-driven turbo brush, and nozzles for crevice and upholstery.

8. Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick

This area rug vacuum comes with the reputation of Miele as makers of some of the best vacuum cleaners behind it.

Dynamic U1 Maverick’s motor is very powerful allowing it to agitate and remove deeply embedded dirt out of the rug. And for other types of surfaces, a rotary dial offers a simple way to adjust the suction.

It is designed with a roller brush that runs on a separate, dedicated motor. This makes it easy to disable the brush if you don’t want to use it.

Other features include the spring-loaded brush roller, auto height adjustment, 39-foot electrical cord, swivel neck for maneuverability, and a flat floor design so you don’t have to move furniture while cleaning.

9. Severin Special Corded Vacuum Cleaner

This German-made vacuum cleaner is one of the best in the world with a pedigree based on Severin’s tradition of building electronic gadgets of the highest quality.

The vacuum has very powerful suction, yet it is noted for being relatively silent. It is recommended for large spaces due to its extra large cleaning nozzle.

It features a powerful jet-drive turbo brush for deep cleaning of carpets such as area rugs and mattresses.

Severin Special Corded Vacuum also features a HEPA 14 filter that effortlessly removes dust, mold, Mite allergens, spores, and odors from the sucked air. It would leave your space smelling fresher.

10. Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Are you tired or carrying heavy and cumbersome vacuums when you want to clean your area rug? With the Deik Cordless, cumbersome becomes a distant memory. It is an extremely lightweight unit with a cleaning power that rivals the very best on the market.

The removable Lithium battery provides up to 25 minutes of consistent suction power to efficiently pick up embedded dirt, and remove fine dust and pet hair from your area rug.

You would love the versatility of this cleaner. With attachments, it easily transforms into a multi-surface vacuum for all kinds of surfaces.

The vacuum comes with HEPA filter with 4-stage filtration system, LED lights, wall mount for convenient storage and power adapter to charge the battery.

5 Ways to Make Your Area Rugs Last Longer

1. Move it away from direct sunlight

Everybody loves a bright sunny room. But with experience, you’d know that sunlight bleach the color of furniture and other items in your apartment.

The news is even grimmer for area rugs as they are more susceptible to the bleaching action of sunlight. So if it is possible, place far away from direct sunlight or you can draw the shades close when the sun is at its peak.

2. Rotate the rug occasionally

One reason you need to rotate your area rug is related to the sunlight hitting it. Rotation is recommended so that one part doesn’t lose its color more than another.

Again, rotation is great due to the placement of furniture and traffic pattern. The part of the rug more exposed to traffic tends to wear out faster. Obviously, the parts hidden by furniture never experience traffic or sunlight.

So rotating the rug occasionally ensures the rate of wear and tear is distributed evenly across the surface.

3. Regular vacuuming

For some reasons, many folks give a huge gap between vacuuming sessions. This leaves bits of dirt, food, dust particles, pet hair, etc., to accumulate in the area rug making it look worn and unkempt.

Don’t let the dirt pile up or accumulate. And the best and simplest way to ensure that is to vacuum regularly. Twice a week is best. If you can’t manage that, then never let it go more than one week before vacuuming.

4. Clean out stains immediately

Allowing stains to stay longer than a few minutes is a bad idea. No matter when, where or how the spill or mess occurs, get to it immediately and spot-clean the stain.

Fortunately, there are lots of good rug stain removers on the market you could buy. Always have the stain removers handy for such emergencies.

If the stain is such that you can’t remove it, do the best you can and then contact a professional cleaner for help.

5. Rug pads are important

Rugs pads under area rugs are under-rated. For that reason, only a few people bother to install them.

Rug pads help in several ways. For instance, they help to steady the area rug and prevent it from slipping. They also allow the rug to breathe thus aiding its durability.

The best sort of rug pad to use is a combination felt and rubber pad. Strictly rubber pads will likely discolor the hard floor underneath or at the least, make the floor lose its shine.

Friendly Tip on how best to Vacuum your area rug.


The best vacuum cleaners for area rugs come in different shapes, sizes and price tags. But there are some common features they must have to effectively do what they are supposed to do.

Some of these features include strong suction and power, suitable brush rollers, the ability to adjust the height of the brushes and many more.

The products in this guide were selected based on these features. This guarantees that if you purchase any one, your area rug would get the best cleaning it can get for a long time.


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