Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet

Searching for the best vacuum for high pile carpet? We’ve reviewed 5 of the best high carpet vacuum available in the market right now.

The challenge of cleaning a high pile carpet scares many away from its purchase although they do love it and may even consider it the best fit for their home because, with the use of the high pile carpet, you get a feeling of comfort, luxury, and style like no other.

It’s soft, fluffy, warm and cozy; these qualities alongside its attractive appearance makes it a perfect fit for the family life. Several People prefer low pile carpet because it’s cheaper and does not require much effort to maintain. Although most vacuums are designed for medium and low pile carpets, there are few exceptional high pile carpet vacuum, and they’ve been reviewed in this article.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Vacuum

Buying a vacuum for your high pile carpet could be precarious if certain factors are not put into considerations. You must note that there are many vacuums in the market and they all have their specialties and were designed as such and their misuse could be highly damaging for the carpet and vacuum and can be quite dangerous even for the user.

You must carefully look into what kind of carpet you want to get a vacuum for, keep in mind that not all carpets are the same, even if they belong to the same pile category. You must be ready to spend big on a vacuum, don’t look out for the cheap products in regards to this.

The needed vacuum for such a carpet is one with a solid suction, not too strong so it wouldn’t mess up your carpet, yet capable of going back forth on your high pile carpet.

Some other important specs to check out for are the high-efficiency filtration system; this sieves out the dust and debris from the air that’s coming back in the room. The size of the wheels because the smaller it is, the higher the possibility of getting clogged and of course the weight and size of the vacuum is key to its effectiveness, you should go for one that’s lightweight.

5  Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet (2019)

#1. Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet-Friendly Ultra Plush Canister Vacuum

This made it to our list of Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet because we consider it a great choice to clean your high pile carpets, especially for homes who have persons with allergies. It’s a bagged canister with a sealed HEPA filtration system certified by America’s Asthma and Allergy foundation which proves the excellency of the filter system, which helps get rid of allergens, pollutants and irritants.

Weighing almost 30 pounds, this vacuum is the heaviest on our list. What makes it stand tall alongside others is its nozzle.

Cleaning with this vacuum, you have 2-motor system with a powerful motor inducer that gives 20% more air power than a conventional upright vacuum motor which ensures you’ll never lose cleaning power with a double wall that is structured to keep airflow strong and steady.

The ultra plush nozzle uses the powerful airflow technology to get into your ultra-plush carpeting for a deeper, more complete clean ascertaining you won’t lose suction or leave debris behind. The hose can turn in any direction and can extend up to 7 feet.

Unlike many floor heads on canister vacuums that are nearly impossible to move on super plush carpets, the Kenmore elute 81714 pet friendly ultra plush canister vacuum is designed to easily maneuver on dense, ultra plush and super plush carpets allowing up to 30% easier pull/ push, that is the vacuum can be moved around the house with ease thanks to the swivel and steering system; no dragging, lifting or hauling just to get to the tight corners or behind the couch.

This canister vacuum has a few attachments and distinct cleaning tools; including the motorized pet attachment to remove stubborn pet hair and from carpets and hard to reach places, an exclusive stair grip that allows the vacuum rest on the staircase for easy stair cleaning, a performance indicator that tells when the bag is full or when to check for clogs.

Ultra Plush Bagged Canister Vacuum

#2. Shark Navigator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum

Highly regarded 2 in 1, lift away and upright vacuum with detachable canister for portable cleaning power. It remains a favorite because it’s sturdy, lightweight, versatile and brings great value for the price it’s sold. The dual feature allows you to switch usage from cleaning high plush carpets to smooth bare hardwood floors with ease and it doesn’t skimp on performance in either setting.

The lift away characteristic of this vacuum is a selling point, allowing you to lift the entire vacuum up to gain access underneath it and with the swivel steering, you’ll save a lot of energy while pushing the vacuum around and easily access other difficult areas without a need to rustle the device around.

The shark navigator professional upright corded bagless vacuum has wonderful functions that make it a universal cleaner, it is great for high pile carpets because of its varied level of suction depending on the surface to be clean; it can be incredibly powerful, sucking out the dirt in the deepest crevices and could also function effortlessly by sucking out dirt lightly ensuring you won’t tear your high pile carpet.

The stronger option is great for rugs and regular carpets. It has a motorized brush, which is included in the kit of the device, it copes with debris, dust and hair. The device kit also has a large garbage container, which means you can use the vacuum for a long time before you have to empty it.

This vacuum cleaner works with ‘cyclonic’ technology which allows it to separate debris and dirt from the air, with the dirt remaining inside the filter which helps maintain the power of the suction. The device has a long power cord, about 30 feet, meaning you can go on cleaning the entire apartment without the need to unplug the vacuum from the outlet. The shark navigator is considered one of the Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet because of it’s strong vacuuming power as compared to other regular devices in the market.

Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet


#3. Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Awarded the highest performance certification by the Carpet and Rug Institute for carpet cleaning and maintenance for all types of soft style carpet, Soniclean soft carpet upright vacuum cleaner is convincingly one of the best in the market by all standards.

It is the preferred tool for cleaning a plush carpet with its several features indicating the obvious, that this vacuum is made to handle both the soft and thick carpets.

The Soniclean soft carpet vacuum has a patented sonic cleaning system producing over 200 vibrations per second which makes it one of the few that can deep clean thick shag carpets, it is able to reach the root of the carpet where dirt, fleas, ground in mud and crumbs get to hide with the sonic vibrations loosening up grime from deep inside the fibers.

Other vacuums get to clean the top inch or two, leaving the very bottom of the carpet untouched. Alongside the sonic vibration system, the vacuum also has a patented adjustable vent system allowing the user to adjust the vent as required by the type of carpet to be cleaned, this prevents the vacuum from getting stuck to the carpet because of its powerful suction by allowing air to enter so that the vacuum can be move and maneuvered freely.

Furthermore, This vacuum has more admirable features, one of which is that it only weighs 10lbs., so it is the perfect lightweight vacuum as weight is another important factor we considered in picking the Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet as reviewed in this article.

It also lays completely flat to fit under any furniture and uses a special nylon brush roll with ultra-soft bristle designed basically for high pile which are effective in cleaning your carpet but are still gentle enough not to cause damages.

The vacuums large wheels helps to finish the work in a clinch, with the wheel making it easy to move on shag carpets without a lot of effort with its 35-foot power cord that helps you clean large portion of the house without a need to unplug it.

Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner


#4. Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum

A list topper canister vacuum with its air clean sealed system and host of other features, this product is definitely one of the best for high pile carpet cleaning. Designed specifically for all forms of soft carpet with utmost care, having five different head levels, leaving you with the responsibility of setting it to the level that suits the surface you want to clean.

The motorized head means it deep cleans carpets without relying on the extremely high suction that can rip up some delicate soft carpet. The vacuum is easy to carry, has powerful suction power and is effective on any surface including uneven floors.

The Miele complete C3 brilliant canister vacuum boast certain functions which makes it pretty convenient to use, one of which is that it works fine within a 11 meter radius and alongside the telescopic tube, it allows you to clean large portion of the apartment and hard to reach corners and places in the apartment.

Another exciting feature about this vacuum is that it is bagless and that eases cleaning and the emptying of dust. The canister vacuum comes with a dust collector, engine protection filter, a crevice nozzle, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush and an exhaust filter. It also has large rubber wheels that not only help protect your carpets/ floors from scratches and marks but also allows you to smoothly move the vacuum cleaner over different surfaces. The vacuum is also equipped with a 3 point turn system, so that it can easily rotate with the user during cleaning.

One other strength of this top quality cleaning machine is its extra compartment for storing all the instruments so you do not have to worry about loosing any part and the one touch feature that helps you to quickly rewind the cable with a single button is class.

Vacuum Soft Carpet-Corded

#5. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

The name Dyson is a famous one when it comes to the production of home cleaning tools. The popularity has been gained from continuous upkeep of quality and up to date usage of technology. This particular product is certified by the asthma and allergy friendly foundation of America.

The cinetic big ball animal canister vacuum is one of the most iconic designed product even from the highly regarded Dyson, using 54 cinetic tips that vibrates up to 5000 times per second, this technology means that the vacuum is able to unclog the system and there’s no loss of suction unlike any other available vacuums. This also ensures there’s no need for any filter wash or replacement, this makes the vacuum one of the most convenient.

This vacuum is lightweight and you are able to move it around the home effortlessly, and with the ball technology, it turns on the spot following you around the home without any awkward moves.

The canister vacuum is powerful with a number of distinct possible settings, you can adjust the settings of the vacuum to cater for the situation of your choice. The vacuum’s turbine head has stiff nylon bristles to remove ground-in dirt from carpet and soft carbon fiber filament to gently remove dirt’s from hard floors.

With other features like the larger high capacity bin, the easy hygiene bin emptying, the articulated handle for easy, versatile cleaning, the tangle free hair removing turbine and the ability to get back up when toppled, this vacuum offers the quality cleaning experience and reliabilty you have being seeking and since it’s without many usual hang ups, the vacuum thus holds its own along the best of vacuums for the high pile carpets.

Cinetic Animal Canister Vacuum

Cleaning Ultrasoft High Pile Carpet




Many people deem it unnecessary to get a vacuum for high pile carpets, believing that high pile carpets could stay a long time without cleaning, but you’ll be surprised to know that things worse than just dust could be lurking within your high pile carpet. Getting them clean becomes easier if you lay your hands on one of the Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet reviewed in this article.

Proper care and maintenance wouldn’t only elongate the lifespan of your dear carpet but also ensure you live in a clean, healthy and safe environment.

If we are to pick our favorite high pile carpet vacuum cleaner from the list above, we’ll definitely go with the Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner as the overall Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet; its feature of a large front wheel is what can be termed a well-thought design as it helps ease the vacuum movement through the thickest and longest carpets, weighing only 10.5 pounds, it’s certainly the most effective high pile vacuum with such a lightweight and finally, summarizing on its exceptional quality, it can also be used on other floor surfaces.

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