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Best Vacuum For Soft Carpets


We all love beautiful soft carpets. And the softer they are the better. But as far as carpets go, the softer, plush carpets are the hardest to maintain. That is why you would need the very best vacuum for soft carpet if you want your considerable investment in the carpet to be worthwhile.

Here is the thing about soft carpets: apart from being hard to clean, not any run-of-the-mill vacuum can do a good job of cleaning them. And then you’d have to consider that the soft fibers could easily become worn-out or damaged if you don’t use only the best vacuum cleaners specifically designed for soft carpets.

However, the models and brands claiming to be the best vacuum for soft carpet are so many it almost impossible to choose one without buying a product that ultimately doesn’t deliver on the promises.

This guide has eliminated that problem with ten of the best vacuum for soft carpet you can get anywhere. It is a careful compilation of vacuums that have been tested and are guaranteed to give you the best cleaning experience.

Vacuum Cleaners for Soft Carpet Buying Guide

When you decide to buy a vacuum cleaner for your soft carpet, there are certain features you should be on the lookout for to get the best value for your money.

The most important ones are:

Cleaning head – The cleaning head is one of the most essential features of a vacuum. This is part that does the actual cleaning for you.

The best soft carpet vacuums come with different wands with several cleaning heads that can be adjusted. That is in addition to the beater bar that is pushed on the carpet. The beater bar must have a switch that can be used to turn it off.

In addition to the wands, make sure there is a suction head. The vacuum should be designed so you can adjust the suction level depending on the carpet’s fiber height.

Variable height adjustment – Height adjustment is important if you want to get the best out of your vacuum. Only consider vacuums you could easily adjust the deck height. Vacuums with at least 3 height settings are highly recommended for soft carpets.

The Filter – All vacuums worth the name come with a filtration system. So it is a no-brainer that manufacturers include one filtration system or the other.

However, the best vacuum cleaners for soft carpet come with the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. That should be your first option when checking out the installed filtration system

Roller brushes – The material the roller brushes are made with can determine the longevity of your soft carpet. Steer clear of hard nylon brushes. They are too abrasive for the soft fibers of your carpet.

Choose only vacuums with roller brushes made with soft nylon or natural fiber.

The weight of the vacuum – For soft carpets, lighter or lightweight is better. You want to be able to move the vacuum easily across the carpet. Heavy vacuums get stuck into the carpet making moving difficult.

Besides, you might need to carry the vacuum upstairs or to some other rooms.

Wheels – For your soft carpet, large wheels are advisable. Large wheels help the mobility of the vacuum on the soft carpet and displace the weight of the vacuum better.

Top 10 Best Vacuums For Soft Carpet

#1. Shark DuoClean Power Lift-Away NV803

The makers of the Shark DuoClean vacuum claim it was specifically invented for fine dust and large debris on all kinds of carpets and hard floors. It is easy to see why they made such a bold claim.

The vacuum has no front wall; this ensures it can easily suck in large particles while the bristle brush roll and powerful suction make sure it can deep-cleans your soft carpet. Dirt and stuck-in debris don’t stand a chance.

The vacuum also features an advanced swivel steering to easily maneuver around obstacles; LED lights on the handle and nozzle to aid you to see all the dirt and dust you have missed in dark, not-easily accessible places; and an anti-allergen seal that effectively traps all dust and allergens and stops them escaping back into the air.

Shark DuoClean Power Lift-Away NV803

#2. Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

The Soniclean Soft Carpet vacuum is a lightweight cleaner with several unique features that makes it stand out from other vacuums in the market. For instance, it has a unique vent system on the front ensuring you can dial the perfect suction for your soft carpet no matter the density and length.

Also, it doesn’t employ plastic brush rolls and bristles like most vacuums. It uses ash wood brush roll, while the bristles are made of soft nylon making them really kind to your soft carpet while cleaning them thoroughly.

The unique sonic cleaning technology uses a bar at the bottom to produce 12,000 vibrations a minute. No dirt, dust, and allergens can withstand that. There is also a HEPA filtration system to capture and trap all the dirt and dust.

Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

#3. Beaudens B5 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Beaudens B5 Vacuum cleaner is a stick and handheld combo that would clean your soft carpet with less noise than the average vacuum. The power source is the unique ‘Air Channel Battery/ that includes a 2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery capable of powering the appliance for 45 minutes.

The lean design ensures it is easy to reach even the most difficult places. This flexibility is enhanced by the 180° rotating direction design increasing the dexterity under sofas, beds and other furniture.

The 3.3 lbs lightweight vacuum also comes with a 500 ml dustbin; a power adapter to charge the battery; soft rolling brush for hard floors; and an integrated 3-layer Filtration system that captures all types of dirt, debris, and dust without leakage.

Beaudens B5 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

#4. Oreck LW100 Magnesium SP Bagged Upright Vacuum

The durable all-magnesium Oreck LW100 vacuum delivers incredible cleaning performance that belies its size and weight. And with the 30-foot cord, it means you’d have to make fewer stops while cleaning the apartment ensuring you complete the task in less time.

Specifically designed for soft carpet and rugs, it comes with a two-speed mechanism, high and low speeds, for soft carpets and oriental/Persian rugs respectively.

This Oreck vacuum is the perfect example of small and efficient. The HEPA filter system captures 99.97% of particles no matter how tiny. Pollens, mold, dust, pet hair and others are efficiently trapped and stored for disposal later.

It is no surprise that this compact vacuum received the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval.

Oreck LW100 Magnesium SP Bagged Upright Vacuum

#5. SharkNinja Shark Rocket Complete HV381

There are so many things you’d like about the SharkNinja Shark Rocket vacuum. It is lightweight making it easy work with without getting tired. You can also convert the upright gadget to a hand vacuum for your soft carpet.

The vacuum comes with a soft brush roll and bristle brush. These ensure the vacuum would not damage any kind of surface especially your soft carpet while cleaning and removing dirt.

And those difficult-to-remove and clingy pet wouldn’t survive a normal vacuuming from the SharkNinja.

SharkNinja Shark Rocket Complete HV381

#6. Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum

Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum is an awesome and powerful vacuum that perfectly gets the right balance between compact design and extreme efficiency.

You would love the ‘Electro Plus Floorhead’ that features a 5-level height adjustment that allows for intensive cleaning of all carpets including your soft carpet. The integrated electrical beater bar would remove any deep-seated soil in your carpet.

It also features adjustable suction control for all kinds of surfaces; a filter system that ensures maximum filtration of dust, dirt, and allergens; and a unique 1200 W motor that combines impressive cleaning power with efficiency.

Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum

#7. Prolux New 9000 Upright Sealed HEPA Vacuum

This high-end vacuum looks bulky but at 19 lbs, it is light and can be carried around easily with the ergonomic handle that also features the on/off button.

It comes with a unique Motor By-pass Technology that moves dust, dirt, and debris directly to the vacuum bag without allowing them to pass through the motor. This results in a longer-lasting motor.

You would also love the unique floating head and steel brush roll that is designed to clean all types of soft carpet.

Other features include a large high-end hose; dual LED lights; floor selector brush roll; washable HEPA Filtration; and many other accessories to make this a complete vacuum solution for your cleaning needs.

Prolux New 9000 Upright Sealed HEPA Vacuum


#8. Electrolux EL4335B Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum

If you need superior cleaning performance on all types of soft carpets, the Electrolux Corded Canister Vacuum is one of your best bets. The compact and lightweight vacuum ensures that you can navigate around the room and carry the cleaner easily to other parts of your apartment.

The awesome cyclonic system ensures consistent suction power so you’d never miss a dirty spot while cleaning the house. It also helps that it has large rear wheels and a low center of gravity to help it twist and turn around obstacles with ease.

The customized brush roll technology is a favorite of users. It is self-cleaning and tangles can be removed from it with just a touch of a button.

It features a HEPA filter that is easy to clean and wash; upholstery and barefoot nozzle to clean all types of surfaces; bag-less dust cup that lets you easily empty the dust cup; and much more.

Electrolux EL4335B Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum

#9. Kenmore Elite 81714 Ultra Plush Bagged Canister Vacuum

The Kenmore Elite 81714 Ultra Plus is a powerful, champagne-gray, aluminum vacuum specifically designed to glide easily across your soft carpet with about a third of the force found in other vacuums.

You would be impressed with the unique ‘Ultra Plush’ nozzle that uses the superb airflow technology to remove difficult dirt from your carpet including stubborn pet hair, deep soil, and dirt.

The vacuum is powered by a 2-motor system that provides 20% more air power than regular upright vacuums. This ensures suction power is never compromised and all debris removed.

Kenmore Elite 81714 Ultra Plush Bagged Canister Vacuum

#10. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum

The Miele Complete C3 vacuum is another soft carpet cleaner with an integrated canister vacuum. This makes it possible to clean your soft carpet with as little movement as possible. Most of the work is done by the long hose.

The adjustable suction control in this vacuum is done with a foot pedal so you can make adjustments without having to bend down. And to protect and clean different types of soft carpet, it has a 5-stage adjustable full-size electric power brush.

It also features three 360° swivel wheels for easy maneuverability;  HEPA air clean filter; and a 1200W unique Vortex motor system specifically designed to clean soft carpet.

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum

Vacuum For Soft Carpet Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would vacuuming ruin my soft carpet?

The idea that vacuuming does ruin carpets comes from folks who’d had some experience with mediocre vacuums. It is a fact of life that dirt breaks down under the carpet fibers accelerating wear and tear.

Frequently vacuuming your carpet is the best way to lessen the damage your carpet would sustain over its lifespan.

2. My vacuum is not picking up dirt, why is that?

So many things can result in a decrease or loss of suction power. This is commonly caused by either a blocked filter or blocked cleaner hose or a combination of the two.

The easiest way to address the problem is to remove all the filters and clean them. Doing the same for the hose could solve the issue too. Always read the vacuum cleaner’s operational manual for instructions on how to clean and maintain your vacuum.

3. What causes the vacuum to blow dust?

When the filter can’t stop or contain the dust, the dust would be recycled back into the air through the blower port. This could be as a result of a hole in the filter, improperly installed filter bag, or the dust is too fine for your filter.

One solution is to upgrade your filter to a better one. Or check and see if the filter is properly-installed. If a hole is the cause of the issue, you’d have to replace it.

4. Would water on the carpet damage my vacuum?

Normal vacuums, being electrical appliances, don’t fare well in the presence of water. You would expose yourself to the risk of electrocution if there is water on the carpet while using the vacuum.

At the least, water getting into the vacuum would damage your machine. Make sure the carpet is dry before using your vacuum.

5. What is the easiest way to remove hair out of my vacuum brush?

Removing hair from the brush roll shouldn’t be difficult in a normal vacuum. Most brush rolls can be pulled out easily from their slot. After removing it, simply use your fingers to remove all the hair or strings you can see before replacing it.

Vacuuming Carpet Professionally


As soft carpets are becoming increasingly popular in homes, it is imperative that only specific vacuums are used to clean them. After all, they are very expensive and nobody wants to have to replace them so soon after buying them.

The ten products reviewed in this guide are quite easily the best vacuum for soft carpets. You wouldn’t go wrong with any of them as they are guaranteed they keep your carpet clean and beautiful for as long as possible.


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