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Best Wet Cleaners for Carpet

Best Wet  cleaners for carpet are ideal for getting rid of most messes around your house. They are designed to make your cleaning work lighter and also do some of the messy work that the regular vacuums can’t get done.

The wet vacuum cleaner has a stronger motor, which means a powerful suction and has more heavy-duty hoses. It is designed to do more heavy duty work than its lesser relative: the dry vacuum cleaner. Most of the models of wet-dry vacuum cleaners are made of the same parts and the same design. So you have a cleaning head, then a hose and last but not least, the main compartment that stores the motor, the filters, the dirt and also the water compartment. These vacuum cleaners have strong and durable bags that won’t fall apart when sucking bigger parts of the dirt or debris in.

Advantages of Wet Vacuum cleaner:

  1. These machines are known for their flexibility and versatility. This is because they are capable of cleaning both wet and dry mess which means that they have controls that adjust suitably to the needs of the user.
  2. They encourage better hygiene. These machines usually come with dirt bags and valves which reduce the chances of you coming in contact with dirt and allergens.
  3. Heavy duty work: This machine was built with this purpose in mind obviously. The machine can perform large tasks. It is also capable of removing large amounts of debris.

Top 10 Best Wet Vacuum cleaners for Carpet

 #1.Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

This is a convenient full-sized carpet cleaning machine. This budget-friendly model offers convenient features to get the job done without extra hassle. To use, push the cleaner forward and it washes the carpet with a premixed combo of water and cleaning formula. Pull the appliance back and it removes the moisture to dry the carpet.

By automatically dispensing the correct combination of solution and water, you have control over your cleaning. If you’re worried your carpet is too wet, switch to the “dry only” setting and give it a few more passes. It also comes with a hose and attachments.

The Hoover Smartwatch also delivers powerful extraction with HeatForce technology for faster drying and includes 2-in-1 Antimicrobial Pet Tool, Sample Bottle of Cleaning Solution and  Accessory Storage Bag


#2.CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner

Low pile area rugs are easier to clean because dirt stays mostly on the surface, so you don’t need a stiff brush to get deep down. The Bissell CrossWave  is one of the best wet  cleaners for carpet that  gently cleans area rugs with a soft microfiber and nylon brush, so there’s no fear of damaging the short pile or fraying the loops.

Best for low flat rugs, this lightweight Seal holder also vacuums dry dirt and works on bare floors. And we liked that it dispenses just enough water for cleaning, but not so much that it wets the carpet back or the flooring underneath. It’s lightweight and has easy-reach controls so you can go from vacuuming to washing without missing a step.




#3. Kärcher WD4 Premium 13481530 wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Kärcher is known for its simplicity and cleaning power. It’s just the right size for a workhorse of it’s kind and makes cleaning easy. It is easy to maneuver and its double squeegee floor head is outstanding for getting wet floors completely dry.

Kärcher wet and dry vacuum is one of the most expensive cleaners from this brand. The 20-litre vacuum is solidly built in plastic with a stainless steel drum. It has a two-part plastic tube and a 5m cord, giving it an overall reach of 8m. The floorhead has squeegees front and back or you can swap them for crenelated brushes.

There’s a neat parking place on the back of the cylinder for the tube and floor head, plus space to stow four tools and a flat top to store more stuff. But it only comes with a crevice tool. Kärcher offers plenty of optional accessories, including kits for DIY and car cleaning.

Changing from dry to wet cleaning is extremely easy: just remove the dust bag if you’re using it. The flat fold filter is tucked away high up, so you don’t need to change it or cover it. It doesn’t get wet when cleaning, so there’s no drips. One switch, simple swapping from dry to wet and back again, nothing fancy, just lots and lots of suction.


#4. Nilfisk Aero 26 Professional Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The AERO 26 vacuum cleaner is a model that offers a great number of features that is bound to satisfy every user’s needs.

It packs a 25 liters, an effective suction power and also is available with an optional cable rewind mode. The good part about it is that it’s not a noisy vacuum cleaner. It is also lightweight and compact which makes the AERO 26 model a portable one that can be transported and used for commercial purposes.

The dirt can is very easy to empty. You can choose to take out the standard fleece filter bag or tip the container with the help of the lifting handle.

This vacuum cleaner model is also available with L-class certification, but also with extra suction power, practical tool compartment safety features, and variable speed control.

#5. BISSELL 2306A Vacuum Cleaner

This product is one of the best wet  cleaners for carpet that doesn’t just wet vacuums your surfaces but also washes the floors. It has a Tangle-Free Brush Roll that scrubs the grime and pulls debris inside the Dirty Water Tank. It is also includes a Pet Hair Strainer that separates debris from the dirty water.

This model has a Two-Tank Technology that keeps the dirty water in one tank and the freshwater in another one. This guarantees that you are only cleaning with fresh water.

#6. DEWALT DCV581H Wet Vacuum Cleaner

The DCV581H model from DeWalt is cordless and a very good bargain for anyone that prefers a cordless vacuum cleaner. This product can be used either corded using an AC outlet or cordless using an 18V or 20V battery.

It operates using HEPA filters that can be washed and reused. It has a 3-LED fuel gauge system that provides real-time feedback regarding the state of the battery. It offers maximum productivity and also less downtime. It comes with accessories such as a crevice tool or a wide nozzle tool.


#7. Numatic George GVE370 wet and dry vacuum cleaner

With a 15litre capacity, this machine promises to make light work of wet and dry cleaning. This model comes with the A26A Extraction Kit, the A 9m cord means an overall reach of 11m when cleaning dry and 12m wet. It’s made of sturdy plastic with a two-part, metal tube and air-flow control on the curved handle.

The machine an allergy-friendly HEPA dust bag and a fabric filter. The quality and tools are superb: you could use this as your main vacuum cleaner if you don’t need a powered brush bar.

#8. Cleva Vacmaster Power 30 PTO VQ1530SFDC 

This machine comes with a sturdy floor head with brush and squeegee (that you lower for cleaning hard floors) plus a small brush and a crevice tool. Extremely impressive for the price compared to other best wet  cleaners for carpet, there’s a power take-off socket on the side and three-way power switch.

It can be turned off, on, or to automatically clean whenever the socket is in use. There’s also a sliding control on the tube’s curved handle to adjust air flow. You are guaranteed to be getting value for your money with this machine.

#9. Draper 20ltr 1250W 230V Wet & Dry 20514

With a simple design and a stainless steel cylinder plus minimal faffing. You can easily switch between wet and dry vacuuming, you pop the top off and swap filter: foam for wet, fabric for dry. There’s a reversible, optional attachment for the floor head, with rubber squeegee on one side and stiff, crenelated brushes on the other.

With wet and dirty cleaning, it takes just about 7 seconds to suck up a sink full of water and all sorts of debris. Despite being a budget model, it gets your cleaning job done effectively. However, it isn’t suitable for heavy duty jobs.

#10.Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 Vacuum Cleaner

This is a wet vacuum cleaner that is good especially for your car, there is no better one than the Garage Pro from Bissell. What makes it stand out is that it has the possibility to be installed on the wall, giving you extra space to maneuver it. It has a 32-foot hose that allows you to easily navigate while cleaning thereby, enhancing ease of mobility.

It also has a 4 gallon dirt tank that is semi-translucent and a LED Full Water Tank Indicator. The Garage Pro wet vacuum cleaner comes with a 12-amp motor that offers a great suction power making it perfect for cleaning your garage, car or workshop.


When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you might want to take the following into consideration:

Reach: You have to consider the use of your vacuum cleaner, this will determine what type of hose length you should look out for and also what type of vacuum cleaner to go for.


Ease of changeover: Some cleaners require you to swap or cover filters when you change from wet to dry cleaning or vice versa while some others can change without much hassle.


Dust bags

Power take-off socket


Best Wet Cleaners for Carpet in Action

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