How To Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing


Owning a tile in your house comes with satisfaction, until you discover that the grouts in your tiles are now becoming embarrassing. You may have tried several types of cleaning methods or even employed a series of cleaners to come and help you get rid of the grout and yet all these process can still end in no form of success.

Noticing the grout on your tile may be as a result of something as simple as when you move your furniture to reveal some parts of the floor that have so far not been left exposed for a very long while. It could also be a case of you trying to get a new curtain placed in your bathroom, and during this process, you notice that there are lots of grout patch on your tiles.

This whole situation can grow annoyance in you knowing that the grouts were growing right under your nose in your bathroom. The frustration is plainly evident for someone with an apparent dislike for dirt like grout on tiles. However, these feelings are merely a thing born out of a mindset of cleanliness so you do not have to feel the heat as much because this can happen to anyone.

There is a working solution that can readily help you get rid of the grout. Nevertheless, you may need to let go of the previous knowledge you have about removing grout probably from friends or from the internet that tells you to mix different chemicals or solutions to help you get rid of the grout. Most of this advice is less effective as they are probably going to fix the grout problem for just a while or sometimes the process just doesn’t even work at all.

The reason for this is as a result of the porous nature of the grout which makes it attracts dirt and at the same time absorbs dirt. Sponges attract dirt also but however one can quickly get rid of the dirt on sponges, unlike the grout which makes it hard to get rid of the grime on the grout.

How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

If you don’t have prior knowledge on the best way to clean tile floors or clean your bathroom, you will find it highly uneasy to maintain the normal face of the tile grout. The standard color of your tile grout at best gray or dingy, talking about the worst look of the grout, then the color goes from grey to almost black or black at times.

The best news about grout is that there is a clinical and effective way to clean the grout without you requiring a do it yourself approach or mixture.

Several products will help you get rid of grime on your grout and make it glow with its normal color again.

Rejuvenate Cleaner – A perfect example of this is the rejuvenate grout deep cleaner, this product effortlessly gets rid of grimes on your tile grout. The product works fantastically considering the way it was made by the manufacturer. The product makes use of dirt eating bacteria to help clean your tile grout with the simple help of the product called rejuvenate grout deep cleaner.

Using this product enables you to get rid of the stress of having to scrub the grout every now and then to achieve a normal looking tile grout. This product is the best way anyone can trust in the process of cleaning and washing the tile floor without having to scrub.

Using vinegar – Another way to get rid of grout’s grime without scrub is with the process of using vinegar to do the cleaning on your tiles and or in your bathroom. This is even recommended as safe for use because of the less combination of chemicals, it is safe for kids and also safe for the adults.

Oxygen bleach – You can also employ the use of oxygen bleach in the process of getting rid of dirt in your tile grout. This is a non-toxic way of getting rid of the grime on your tile grout, it requires no scrubbing, and it is effectively safe to use. This works by removing all forms of stain from grease, food stain and or normal dirt, the oxygen ions readily attack all forms of the stain molecules by breaking them away in pieces and can be easily rinsed away in the process. It comes with less stress and presents safety.  

To achieve this feat, mix high-quality oxygen bleach with warm water and begin to stir until it melts or totally dissolves into the water. You can then pour the solution into the surface of the tile floor to flood the grout lines with the solution. You are advised that the surface of the tile grout is dried entirely before the application of the solution so that the solution can swiftly get soaked into the grout lines.

Let the solution remain on the surface of the grout lines for a period not lower than 15 minutes, if the grout soaks in all the solution add more solution to the surface by also making sure there is always plenty of the cleaning liquid on the grout.

The more you allow the solution to soak into the grout the less work you will have to do during the cleaning process as the solution continues to attack all dirt on the grout surface for as long as you allow it stay on the tile.

The good thing is even after washing off the soaked in oxygen solution continues to work on the grout lines to bring out the best result, this solution elapses its working time after 6 hours.

Series of stains can conjure up to make the grout change face and color; however, this will not be a problem for the solution to fight off. It is safe to say the oxygen bleach is a standard grout cleaner.

How to clean grout using common items found at home


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