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How To Clean Laminate Wood Floors Without Streaking


Laminate flooring has become a trend in recent times due to the numerousus advantages that come with it. The laminate flooring is a highly durable product with no need of breaking your bank budget due to its affordability, it is also very easy to install in your home. However, the cleaning of the laminate floor requires a high level of care.

This is because the planks used in the production of a laminate floor consists of wood layers and fibers and the surface of the laminate floor is coated with a protective painting which in turn gives the laminate floor its attractive and shiny look. Employing the use of the typical floor cleaner on a laminate floor may result in unwanted damage to the surface of the laminate floor.

3 Ways To Clean Laminate Wood Floors Without Streaking

You should also note that some other types of solutions are used in cleaning. For example, those that have ammonia or soap ingredients will definitely leave streaks on your laminate floor and as a result of this, you then lose the shiny and attractive surface of the laminate floor. It is important to note that cleaning a laminate floor is very challenging especially if you do not want streaks left behind on your laminate floor.

Small grooves are a part of the laminate flooring surface, which makes the cleaning a more challenging task when one tries to employ the use of the normal traditional cleaning methods. To have your floor cleaned without leaving streaks, you will need to use natural cleaning solution.

During the process of application of the solution, you are advised to use a spraying bottle or a microfiber mop. After this process, it is essential to have your floor dried up immediately and be sure to get rid of all possible footprints that have been left behind. For optimum result, it is best to repeat the above process week in week out to achieve the sparkle you want on your floor.

There are different methods of achieving a streak-free floor, some of them will be discussed below:

First Method:

If your home laminate floor is one that experiences little foot traffic, it is safe to employ the process of sweeping and mopping bare the laminate floor, this method has proven effective over time. The type of broom to use is a plastic broom, or you can also use a bristle broom.

These are able to help safely clean the surface and getting rid of the dirt and loose debris on the laminate floor surface. In the process of sweeping, you are advised to sweep with caution by gently moving the broom over large granular dust deposits. The vacuum cleaner is also an alternative form of safe cleaning for the laminate surface, this is even more advisable because of the stress-free approach, and it is also nontime consuming as it gets the job done faster.

After mopping, use a dry mop to get rid of the remaining dust and dirt deposit on the surface of the laminate floor. The good thing about this dry mop is that it is manufactured to have a small and disposable pad that is connected to a long plastic stick. It is able to attract finer dust particles that are stubbornly glued to the laminate floor surface.

You are just to gently move the dry mop over the surface until the pad gets over saturated with dust and can no longer take more dust then you can exchange the mop pads the get optimum cleaning result.

Second Method:

If your home is the type that is always having heavy foot traffic, it is mandatory to know that you will have to employ the use of a wet mopping on the laminate floor surface.

However, there is a little challenge because the normal water is slightly alkaline in nature, so making use of water to mop the laminate floor surface often leaves behind a whitewater precipitate on the laminate floor surface. The best advice is to have the water neutralized and to have this done you will need the help of white vinegar.

The white vinegar is added to the water, and then you can now proceed with your mopping, and there will be no fear of streaks left behind on the surface of the laminate floor. To correctly prepare the cleaning solution you are to add one-fourth cup of white vinegar to two gallons of warm water. To get the best result after preparing the solution you are best advised to use a micro fibre mop for your wet mopping. This is because the micro fibre mop is soft and it possesses grooves that will readily and proper hold on to dirt.

The process is easy: as all you have to do is dip the micro fibre mop into the solution and then you gently squeeze to get rid of excess water then you can readily progress to washing of the laminate floor surface with the wet micro fibre mop. After this has been properly done you are then advised to leave the laminate floor to be air dried.

Do not walk on the laminate floor surface when it is not properly dried. Should you notice water still left on the surface you can use a clean towel to dry it up this is because the water left behind can cause damage to the surface of the laminate floor.

Third method:

If you notice mild stains in some areas of the laminate floor surface, you may not necessarily need to go through the process of preparing a solution to clean the stained laminate floor surface. You can just get a mix of window cleaner and rubbing alcohol.

Get this mixture into a spray bottle and then apply the homemade mixture on the stained surface after which you can now use a paper towel to wipe the stain off gently.

Laminate Floor Cleaning With DIY Solution

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