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How To Use Steam Mop On Tiles


Steam cleaning is one of the different ways you are guaranteed an efficient cleaning output. This is because not only does steaming help to get rid of stains, it’s also effective in getting rid of tough and stubborn germs and this does not even require the use of hard chemicals.

You should know that if you are one of those with little or no time to spare, then steam mops are the best products to run to for effective cleaning of your floors and home. This is so because they are modern products and are smart which will help you manage your time and even allow you to do less of the job.

The good thing about these sets of products is that they work on nearly any type of floor you are using them on, and this ranges from tiles, laminates, hardwoods and many other floors that come sealed.

There are lots of steam cleaners or mops in the market, but this article is targeted at helping you have an idea about the products in general which can help tilt your mind towards getting the best rated floor steam mops now or in the nearest future.

What to consider before choosing the best floor steam mops

All products listed here have been thoroughly tested and used under conditions that are not different from each other. First and foremost it is important to note that when choosing products like this, the quality of the product’s output is what should come out as number one.

The next thing that should be considered is the durability and easy accessibility of the cleaning product. How easy is the refill process, the floors the steam mops are best suited to and how useful the steam mops are in different situations should also be well thought out.

How to use floor steam mops

These products are best known for their effective cleaning and how they help you save time and leave you jaw dropped after seeing the beauty that radiates from your floor after using these machines to clean.

However, it is best to know that most of these products will not give the desired results if you do not use them properly to match the functions that have been engineered into the products. So below are ways to get full value for the money spent on these products.

Preparing the floor

To get the best result from your steam mop, you should consider vacuuming your floor before you start to use. If you do not own a vacuum cleaner in your home, you can alternatively go for the normal sweeping of the floor.

Doing this will help get rid of debris, dirt, cracks and other forms of unwanted things that can end up making the steamer dirty and in turn not give the best result after use. Once you have carried out this process, you can be sure to give your steam mop a longer lifespan and yet get good value for your money.

It is possible to argue that you do not need to go through this process since there steam mops that have a dual function in the market that is, they come with vacuum cleaners and steam mop pads.

However be advised that most of the steam mops that come with vacuum cleaners are only able to suck in a few dirt, so it is recommended that vacuum cleaning and or sweeping the floor before steam mopping is still the best choice you can make.

Steam mops are only made to maintain

This means before you use the steam cleaner, your floor should just be a little dirty. This is because having a heavily stained floor or overly soiled floor will only mean you are steaming dirt and only one thing comes from the effect of steaming a heavily stained floor, the after effect will be poor and you will not be getting the desired result that made you get the steam mop in the first place.

Be advised that for the proper functioning of your steam mop, your floors need to have been going through a phase of appropriate maintenance and this should be done on a regular basis.

You are advised to wash your floors the usual ways you would have washed it before getting your steam mop, doing this before steam mopping will give you the output of a great looking floor.

Get yourself more mop pads

By doing this, you rid yourself off double stress. This is because getting more mop pads will help you keep your steam mop pads clean at all times which will mean you will not be steaming dirt all around the place.

You can decide to change your mop pads when you have different types of floors in your home as this will keep it fresh and clean. You can clean your laminate floor with one pad and then continue your steam mopping with another pad when cleaning your vinyl floor.

This process will only let you get a sear free and shiny floor. Maintain your steam mop pads by washing when it is required and safely hang them to dry for effective cleaning on your next cleaning routine.

It is also advised that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to manage your steam pads for optimum result. Steam pads are to be removed from the steamer machine after every cleaning process and immediately cleaned for a longer lifespan.

Your Steam mop is best suited for a sealed floor

This is based more on advice than enforcement, and this is because when you use too much moisture on some ground surface, they begin to deteriorate.

While cleaning your sealed floor do not leave your steamer plugged while you are attending to other things in the house with the mindset that you will come back to it, this will make the pad to get in too much moisture, and this will produce a wrong output on your floor.

One of the best ways to use your steam pad is to test it on other surfaces. If you are unsure of the effectiveness of the steam mop on the surface, during this process, do not leave the steam mop idle on a particular spot, make sure you keep it moving so as not to damage the pad.

After every cleaning process, be sure to allow the steam mop to cool off on surfaces that are sealed and do not forget to detach the pads immediately after use.

After reading through, choosing the best rated floor steam mop products that will save you time and give you good value for your money should be easy. You should also be able to make good use of your steam mop afterwards

How To Use Steam Mop On Tiles Properly

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